Finally after the release of "Misanthropy" 5 years ago legendary horde Pandemonium is back with the long-awaited new released album "Nihilist". The material contains 9 blasphemous psalms, which are a continuation of previous albums and are referring to the ambience known from the iconic "Devilri." Full length CD consists of 46 minutes of characteristic oldschool, underground, Pandemonium styled death/black metal soaked with disquieting influence of misanthropy, death, darkness, insanity and nihilism. The album was recorded in Mariusz Konieczny Heavy Gear Studio (Hellspawn). The recording session was attended by: Paul (vocals), Mark (vocals, guitar), Michael (bass), Mayor (guitar), Desecrate (drums), and Special Guests: Szymon (Tenebris) – vocals, Gary (Hellspawn) – guitar solos. Album released in a traditional CD case on a golden CD. All copies hand numbered..
The new Pandemonium album is published by the Old Temple (buy here), and the premiere is scheduled for February 2017.
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Po 5 latach od wydania "Misanthropy" Pandemonium powraca z długo oczekiwanym następca o tytule "Nihilist". Materiał zawiera 9 bluźnierczych psalmów, będacych kontynuacja poprzedniego wydawnictwa oraz nawiązaniem do klimatów, znanych z kultowego "Devilri". Album został nagrany w Heavy Gear Studio Mariusza Koniecznego, realizatora i muzyka znanego z death metalowej hordy Hellspawn. W sesji nagraniowej uczestniczyli: Paul (wokal), Mark (wokal, gitara), Michael (bas), Major (gitara) i Desecrate (perkusja) oraz Goście Specjalni. Wydawca albumu jest Old Temple, a premiera jest przewidziana na luty 2017 roku. Więcej szczegółów wkrótce!

Pandemonium is working on the new album with a new drummer Desecrate (ex Lost Soul, Gortal). More news soon!

"Devilri" - Extended edition - BUY NOW on Old Temple

New official video for the song "Everlasting Opposition" !!!!!!

"The Ancient Catatonia" re-edition CD !!!!
Details and purchase: OLD TEMPLE

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Usurpers of universal values
And inventors of the devil
Only dead will you see the end of war
When i stab you in the back
Sew your lips and lure you like moths to the fire
I'll judge you and
With my unjust verdict
I'll bring you to life one more time
You lost azimuth on the real world's desert
And your blood blackened
You shall know them by their fruits
Rotten and poisonous

PANDEMONIUM - "Misanthropy" CD is out now by Pagan Records!

Paul - guitars, vocals
Mark - guitars
Michael - bass guitars
Simon - drums

Samples by Khorzon (Mussorgski, Arkona)

Recorded at ViriamArt Studio 2011 with Piotr "Stone" Tyszkiewicz.

Details and purchase: Pagan Records Shop

Album „Misanthropy” consists of eight new tracks:

1. The Black Forest
2. God Delusion
3. Necro Judas
4. Stones Are Eternal
5. Avant-Garde Underground
6. Everlasting Opposition
7. Only the Dead Will See the End of War
8. Misanthropy

World premiere reviews:

Metalcentre 10/10
Zwaremetalen 82/100
Darkplanet 9/10
Pandemoneon 10!/10
Metalzine 9,5/10
Metalrulez 9/10
Brutalism 5/5
Full Metal Attorney 4/5
Magazyn Gitarzysta 8/10
Stormbringer 4,5/5 5/5
Atmospheric 6/6
Chaos Vault 10/10
Psychozine 5/5